The Veronese school of painting by Jean Paul Richter

Introduction, transcription and notes by Prof. Mattia Vinco

The rediscovery of this text offers the opportunity to closely investigate the scholar’s stays in the city of Verona, rich in monuments and private collections to explore. Richter’s activity as an international art consultant also brings us to the center of a web of stories that has as protagonists some of the main figures in the world of art history of the time such as the great collector Ludwig Mond, the patron Henrietta Hertz and the connoisseur Bernard Berenson.

ISBN 9788862447164 ,

The unpublished manuscript The Veronese School of Painting is preserved at the Marquand Library of Art and Archeology of Princeton University, written by Jean Paul Richter in close dialogue with his mentor Giovanni Morelli between 1884 and 1885 and left unfinished. The text, in German, consisting of a long introduction on medieval Veronese art and a series of monographic medallions dedicated to the Veronese Renaissance painters, is here transcribed and commented on for the first time.

  • The work is the result of decades of research aimed at giving shape to a catalog of the artist’s works.
  • The volume is accompanied by a rich documentary appendix.


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