The eyes of the city


This collection of portraits of my fellow Tuderti is a sort of diary of the many years I have lived (and continue to live) in this very special place. Mine is not meant to be a document, but a personal interpretation. So it will be a subjective, partial reading, full of gaps and omissions. Most of the people you will see are friends, artisans, farmers and professionals known by chance and frequented over the years.


by Giovanna Calvenzi – TWO STORIES, ONE STORY

The distance between black and white and color images is nearly fifty years. But it is not only the temporal distance that characterizes this double narrative. As the author himself writes, in these fifty years the world has changed, the city has changed, photography has changed, he has changed. Not only the place where the photographer worked, Todi, has changed and this makes distances even more fascinating. George Tatge has chosen to entrust a sort of declaration of love towards the city and its inhabitants to the photographic portrait. It has done so since the mid-seventies and has done it again today, with the awareness of measuring itself against all the changes that time has brought about.


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