The journey that George Tatge undertakes to discover the Italian territory goes under the sign of an analysis that is both lyrical and merciless, curious and lucid, always surprising even when he deals with apparently known subjects and themes, bordering on the obvious. The scansion of this score is immediately legible, it is a progression – almost narrative in nature – from purity to contamination, from the predominance of nature to the coexistence of nature and artefact, from the absence to the presence of man through his signs. Man exists, in fact, only through the traces he has left in natural space, through the changes he has imposed on him, through the imprint of his own passage on a land which, moreover, continues its life, evolves, almost heedless of this presence, sometimes so violently cumbersome.

The eyes of the city


This collection of portraits of my fellow Tuderti is a sort of diary of the many years I have lived (and continue to live) in this very special place. Mine is not meant to be a document, but a personal interpretation. So it will be a subjective, partial reading, full of gaps and omissions. Most of the people you will see are friends, artisans, farmers and professionals known by chance and frequented over the years.