Niccolò Tornioli

Niccolò Tornioli is a Sienese painter who was active, during the first half of the 17th century, mainly in the papal city. Sources, but especially a fairly substantial number of documents, Letters, contracts of allotment, will, asset inventory, coeval testimonies or shortly after the death, have made it possible to reconstruct a tormented personality, rich in multiple interests, ranging from painting, of which he experimented with almost all techniques and media, to sculpture, science, and theater.

2022 240 in color Paperback thread ISBN 9788862449601 ,

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"Forse oggi, grazie ad una maggiore conoscenza del suo stile, si può restituire il credito e la stima di cui Niccolò Tornioli aveva goduto al suo tempo, e dimostrare come l’arte possa riscattare un’esistenza difficile."

Niccolò Tornioli (Siena, 1598 – Rome, 1651), made a name for himself in Rome, where he achieved considerable success, thanks to the great consideration of prominent personalities such as Francesco Borromini and Virgilio Spada. The reason must be sought in his extraordinary skills in all techniques, oil on canvas and on wood, fresco, painting on marble, but the authentic charm of his art lies in the originality and in the mystery that surrounds the subjects of his works, taken from literary and biblical sources little used by colleagues, and therefore rare in painting, and his style that oscillates between suspended and chiaroscuro atmospheres by Caravaggio and his followers and the opulence of the drapery, the brilliance of the colors of the Baroque matrix. He was also a tireless designer and an imaginative designer of ephemeral apparatuses. They retrace, in ten chapters, the stages of his career and investigates the character of a man who reveals himself at the same time naive and arrogant, shy and determined, creative and conventional, contrasts that will lead him to collect successes in the face of real fiascos that will weigh heavily on the critical luck.


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