Cecco Bravo

The fruit of the best Italian critical philology, derived from Longhi, the two volumes dedicated by Francesca Baldassari to the Florentine painter Cecco Bravo (Florence 1601-Innsbruck 1660) allow us to retrace point by point, step by step, the fascinating artistic story of Cecco, ‘bravo’ painter and splendid draughtsman.


The author has put together seventy-seven autograph paintings, some of which are presented for the first time on this occasion, others already recognized to Cecco by the writer during her long years of study of seventeenth-century Florentine painting, ordering them chronologically by stylistic induction and through comparison with the very notable and more documented production in fresco.
Even more meritorious is the feat of gathering nearly four hundred of the artist’s drawings scattered in major museums around the world and in the most prestigious private collections, reproduced almost entirely in color.


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